Vol de Jour by Karl Lagerfeld

I know I've been out of the blue for a long time...but I just wasn't feelin' like...

Anyway...the inspiration came back in the form of a critics...

WHAT'S THAT!!?? I've always praised THE MAN that creates beauty...but this is...I don't even know where to start!

It has nothing catchy in it. It makes CHANEL look just like an ordinary store. The models do not either know how to act or move gracefully (no wonder why Lara is best known for her static pics and not her walks...).

If the title didn't say it was HIM who filmed it I would have thought it was an amateur's intent to make laugh at what the brand represents.

Where did Karl's special touch go? Where is the magnificence of what he has us used to? Do u remember "Chanel Paris-Shanghai" or "Chanel Silent Film"?

Sorry, but this is a big NO.



  1. I saw this video just yesterday! I can't believe I spend 3 minutes watching the whole thing. I liked that motorbike, though haha. & sorry but Lara Stone cannot run in heels!

  2. 2 most beautiful people on planet

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