Weekend: Cibeles F/W 2010

That's what I call a non-stop weekend.
Some tourism around Madrid and...
Cibeles Fashion week! Simply AMAZING!!
I felt in love with the dress below by Devota&Lomba.

Such a shame I had to come back earlier since I couldn't miss today's classes...:(
Hopefully next time I get to see it all!:P


I'm off to Cibeles!!

Hey there! Just a quick note to let you know last night I got a last minute invitation for Madrid Fashion Week!! So...my flight's in 3h.!! Must rush!

Have a great weekend!!!




Cape and a Valentine's day

I spent Valentine's day with my friend. Lately all our friends aren't single anymore...so we decided to spent that day together in a not-so-romantic way...and it's been, by far, the best one!

Thought it would be the perfect occasion to wear that cape made from a piece of old fabric I found at home (no idea where it came from...:P)

What a wonderful sunny day we had!

Here's our not-so-romantic lunch: hand-made almond cookies!:P

Went to the theater to watch an, again, not-so-romantic movie. It's kind of an independent documentary about sexual failures...pretty funny!:P

Hope you all had an amazing weekend (romantic or not:P)!!!


Journalist for a day!

Saturday, Feb, 7th.
8am and my phone rings
It's my friend Rachel (the journalist) begging me for help.
I'm still trying to figure out when and where I am when she shouts:
That I understood...

Sábado, 7 de Febrero
8am y mi teléfono suena
Es mi amiga Raquel (la periodista) suplicándome que la ayude.
Todavía estoy intentando saber cuándo y dónde estoy cuando grita:
Eso sí lo entendí...

10:05am : "Badalona Comunicació" editorial department.
10:05am: La redacción de "Badalona Comunicació".

10:15am : Rachel explains me how to use one of those things...
10:15am: Raquel me explica cómo usar una de esas cosas...

11:30am: I'm actually recording my first interview! (and playing around with the cam :P)
11:30 am: Realmente estoy grabando mi primera entrevista! (y jugando con la cámara un poco :P)

12:45pm - 18:50pm : Ok, that thing's heavy!! (already 5 hours of report done...)
20:00pm: Really deserved dinner at her house!

12:45pm - 18:50pm: Esto pesa!! (ya llevo 5 horas de reportaje...)
20:00pm: Bien merecida cena en su casa!

And cooked some Culand with vanilla ice-cream!
Y cociné Culand con helado de vainilla!



London's shopping tour

As some of you have requested, here it is a London’s shopping guide :P

Oxford St. and Oxford Circus (including Regent’ St): Where most of well-know shops such as Topshop, American Apparel, Zara and H&M. But there’s a MUST: Primark! For those who don’t know it, it’s pretty cheap though you have to spend some time to find something worthy. However, Primark isn’t in the center of Oxford Circus, so you may want to take the underground to Marble Arch station.

Carnaby St.: If you want to find a brand such as Replay, Guess’, Fornarina and Levis’ that’s where all of them have a store for sure. It’s at a walking distance from Oxford St.

Bond St.: Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Alexander Mcqueen, D&G, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s,...do I need to say more? ;)

But the cool staff here is vintage. There’s no better place for treasure haunting than London!

A part from their so famous flea markets:

Camden Market: Which I would say it’s like a vintage department stores...

Portobello Market: You can find any kind of vintage items, from books, accessories, jewelry and clothes to early XX’s golf sticks (I bought some for my dad :P) and some young unknown designers who try to find themselves a place into the fashion industry starting from the bottom.

Go and see by yourselves that Nothing Hill is full of vintage shops as well.

Spitalfields Market: located on Commercial Street, London’s East End.

However, the best area for vintage shopping is Brick Lane (Aldgate East St. tube station). You’ll find lots of little and not so little shops, though the best known are:

Beyond Retro : On Cheshire Street 110-112 (and another store in 58-59, Great Marlborough Street). It’s said to be the largest vintage clothing shop in London.

Rokit Vintage: On 101 and 107, Brick Lane (and two other stores, one in Candem and another in Covent Garden, check its website).

Absolute Vintage: Located on 15, Hanbury Street. It has been voted one of the world’s top 100 shops worth visiting.

Hope it can help those of you who are lucky to go there soon (I soooooo miss it!!) and enjoy it as much as I did!!:)

P.S. No me olvido del premio de Juliet. Prometo entregarlos en el próximo post!(Se me acumulan los deberes!!:P)


Like a Squirrel...

Made some new friends :)

Sorry, couldn't resist to show that pic...

Can I keep it, can I keep it??


P.S. As some of you have requested...I'll be posting a "London Shopping Guide" between tomorrow and Friday! (working on it :P)