London's shopping tour

As some of you have requested, here it is a London’s shopping guide :P

Oxford St. and Oxford Circus (including Regent’ St): Where most of well-know shops such as Topshop, American Apparel, Zara and H&M. But there’s a MUST: Primark! For those who don’t know it, it’s pretty cheap though you have to spend some time to find something worthy. However, Primark isn’t in the center of Oxford Circus, so you may want to take the underground to Marble Arch station.

Carnaby St.: If you want to find a brand such as Replay, Guess’, Fornarina and Levis’ that’s where all of them have a store for sure. It’s at a walking distance from Oxford St.

Bond St.: Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Alexander Mcqueen, D&G, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s,...do I need to say more? ;)

But the cool staff here is vintage. There’s no better place for treasure haunting than London!

A part from their so famous flea markets:

Camden Market: Which I would say it’s like a vintage department stores...

Portobello Market: You can find any kind of vintage items, from books, accessories, jewelry and clothes to early XX’s golf sticks (I bought some for my dad :P) and some young unknown designers who try to find themselves a place into the fashion industry starting from the bottom.

Go and see by yourselves that Nothing Hill is full of vintage shops as well.

Spitalfields Market: located on Commercial Street, London’s East End.

However, the best area for vintage shopping is Brick Lane (Aldgate East St. tube station). You’ll find lots of little and not so little shops, though the best known are:

Beyond Retro : On Cheshire Street 110-112 (and another store in 58-59, Great Marlborough Street). It’s said to be the largest vintage clothing shop in London.

Rokit Vintage: On 101 and 107, Brick Lane (and two other stores, one in Candem and another in Covent Garden, check its website).

Absolute Vintage: Located on 15, Hanbury Street. It has been voted one of the world’s top 100 shops worth visiting.

Hope it can help those of you who are lucky to go there soon (I soooooo miss it!!) and enjoy it as much as I did!!:)

P.S. No me olvido del premio de Juliet. Prometo entregarlos en el próximo post!(Se me acumulan los deberes!!:P)


  1. ohhh mi Flanderr londinensee..te escribo para darte las buenasnoches, y para decirte que no me pongas mas los dientes largos con estos posts Londinenses..
    Añoro tanto UK y sus vintage ambiente TOTAL!
    ayyy snif snifff "Nostalgiaa"...
    Muaakakakakkaka mi lechuguita de los montes.
    Good nite xxxx

  2. GUAPA!
    cuando puedas!;)
    yo prefiero las fotos y mis ver como mis recuerdos vuelan! lo que daria por estar alli!

    chica que haces alli tanto tiempo?
    tengo curiosidad!jeje

    Un besazo reina!
    las fotos, increibles!;)

  3. I love your blog! You have such wonderful style. Also, thanks so much for the guide to shopping in London. I am studying abroad in London next semester, so this is perfect!

  4. Lovely! The first photo is my fave :).

  5. LONDON (L)
    Como quisiera estar alli! Muy buenas fotos, y la info para hacer compras en los mejores lugares, viene bien.

    Si, es una genial idea para el carnaval! Seria MUY original :) Buena idea!

    Te agrego a mi BLOGLIST ;)

  6. I love all the TEXTURES you're wearing; they look so gorgeous together. :D

    Also your list just makes me want to visit London moreee. I think the only shopping I did there a few years ago was at Harrod's and, um, Harrod's. Haha.

  7. Qué post más bueno! Me encanta tu blog y tu estilo! Muchas gracias por tu comentario,

  8. Joo kiero volver a Londres sólo por hacerme más fotoss!! jaja. Q bonitas y sales wapísima en todas =)=) con las cabinas creo q tiene todo el mundo q ha ido xD yo tb me hice una con una de las negras.

  9. no london now is raining too.:(
    i dont like snow that much only when its snowfights,i want some hotness!
    :) thanks for nicee comment

  10. thank you so so so much! this is absolutely perfect :)
    I cannot wait to go and shop!

  11. guapisima!
    jeje no te dejo tranquila...pero..es que...reina tienes otro premio en mi blog...aunque sin la foto del meme que se me ha olvidado subirla! que desastre! jajaja ya os la pondre en la proxima actu...vale?

    Un besazo! y disfruta!;)

  12. Hey hun!

    I think you may be right. A sort of intrinsic behaviour because of sensory stimuli. You are just stunning, the black gloves look a treat on you :D

    I've bookmarked this page for when i come visit London, should be by the years end (fingers and toes crossed ;))

    Hope the new week has started fantastic for you deear.

    Luv xx

  13. Qué fotos más chulas!! Están siendo unas entregas estupendas que creo que a la mayoría nos han tarído muchíiiiisimos recuerdos!! Gracias!!!! Un beso,


  14. Beautiful post darling!
    I really like this red phone stump.


  15. Pues la verdad yo aprecio cada día mas la independencia...ni te imaginas...yo recien salgo de una relación tormentosa...y eso no va conmigo...Es odioso pensar q tienes una obligación en vez de una relación...pero bueno...

    Haré muchísimas fotos...no se yo con el frío cuanto podré enseñar mis looks...lo intentaré...He intentando pensar los outfits para llevarme...no soy capaz...no sabría q escoger...y lo peor nunca miro el pronóstico del tiempo...ni lo miraré...y normalmente voy muy fresquita...lo único es q debería llevar paraguas...y no me acordaré fijo mañana..

    La semana q viene colgaré más ropilla...a ver si en el finde tengo algo de tiempo...
    A la vuelta te visito y me pongo al día con tu blog...q disfrutes estos días...bsitosssss florecilla

  16. Beautiful photos and I love your outfit! Will have to keep your shopping guide in mind, should I ever end up in London! :)

    Thanks also so much for your lovely comment and for sharing your thoughts! <3


  17. Qué bonitas fotos! Me encantan! Y como siempre sales estupendisima en todas!

    Un beso!

  18. ahh me encantan esas fotos son muy lindas encerio ,,, ahhh qeu lindo londres en 11 meses creo qe estoy alli si es que consigo pasaje y no me devuelven ajaja un besito diosa

  19. love the red telephone booths. i think it's a must have picture in london. lol.
    you look so guapa babe.
    and love this.
    i saved this so for when i go back there again, i have my list of what to see.
    we should def. trade links. :)

  20. Girl!

    You are one pretty lady ;)
    And I really like your style!

    Oh I envy you, I want to go to London!

  21. Seriously, I am so, so jealous!
    My mom got some of the most kick ass vintage jewelry on Portobello Market last summer...
    Seriously, you are so pretty too :)

    I hated having to use a fake ID in clubs here...I can be such a worrier with things like that and I was always paranoid about being caught! Even though I had a great fake one, having a real one feels soo much better!

  22. camden markets is my most favorite haunt in london!

    thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments!

  23. Great pics. Thanks for the guide. This is amazing, I really need to plan a trip to London. Fantastic post.
    Stay chic!

  24. great pictures! I loved camden market so much, their vintage stuff is fantastic.

    And thanks so much for your lovely comment :)

  25. Oh I love the photos! You look so beautiful!

  26. me encanta tu blog, seguiré pasando un beso bonita^^

  27. thank you very much for this honey! if I am ever in london I will definitely keep all of this in mind!
    ahh, I want to go soo much!!

    such beautiful photos!!


  28. great photos check my blog out http://fashionaddress.blogspot.com/

  29. I've never been in London but I want so... Great blog entry and amazing outfit! :)

  30. belles photo, j'aime la cabine telephonique rouge; ça a du cachet! :)

  31. la verdad es q alguna de las vintage no las conocía, me las apunto para mi proxima visita a london!!!


  32. You're So lucky!! I love all the photos, the black and white are especially nice :)

    love, mavi

  33. Hey gorgeous! :)
    Thanks for the shopping guide, I must bookmark it for when I go to London. ( hopefully in JUNE!, yay! :) I'd love to shop for some designer vintage...oooh la la!

  34. thanks for your comment honey! glad you enjoyed it :)

    i love your photos..the one over looking the lake with the ferris wheel is AMAZING!!!

    love LM xxx

  35. Tia! apunto todas esas tiendas fijo! k bien! jiji :P
    Acabaste en Sutton? jaja, ultimamente vamos mucho a sutton y ribelinos, devemos ser unas pijas o algo! jaja (bueno no, k a bikini tmb vamos xD).
    A ver si nos vemos un dia! jiji

  36. This is such a fabulous guide - thank you! I'm storing it in the favorites for whenever I'm lucky enough to visit again!

  37. Oh!! muchiiiisimas gracias!! me lo apunto toodo todo!!!

    Un beso!